Brad Way - Do You

#1 Asset

Taking care of yourself and filling your own cup has been a message of mine for some time. Of course, this is nothing new and groundbreaking, but my conscious awareness of this for myself has fundamentally shifted my direction and now everything I do is running through this filter.

Here is the thing. People are and forever will be the #1 asset in our lives. Relationships are the foundation of everything I know to be, success.

As a result, FlexBEN and LiFT two companies I own and operate focus our energy on helping organizations amplify their desire to create awesome places to work.

FlexBEN, an Employee Benefits Consult company has a mission to help business owners take care of their #1 asset, their employees, by creating better employee benefit programs that are custom to their needs. By doing so, we know not only in our hearts but in our business acumen that they, your talented employees, will take care of your business, your customers and the bottom line.

LiFT, an Employee Experience Strategy company was the next layer and natural progression of my desire for people to be happy, fulfilled and valued at work. Our goal at LiFT is to challenge and help organizations grow by focusing on their talent’s experience from the day they start until the day they move forward elsewhere. Yes, right from the beginning to the end, all of it, is Employees Experience, and it matters. Company’s that focus on Employee Experience are 4x more profitable and you do not need to take my word for it, check out Deloitte’s research for yourself.

All in all, people matter, they matter the most! Check out the Story Of Why podcast that I host and help produce for Fractal Workspace, which I hope captures much of my passions to connect people to the brands they represent.