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Brad Way

I have always wanted to make an impact, do my best and be uplifting. While the first and last were always easy to do, the do my best was reliant on my connection to the “task”, the “job”, the “purpose”.

Of course, this wasn’t always abundantly clear, but as I have gotten a little older, had more experience, it has become so clear that it is shifting my life and those around me.

The goal for my life currently is to impact those around me in positive ways and to make themselves believers in themselves.

Happiness Is The Game

I remember as a kid having a conversation with a family friend around the dinner table with my parents. The topic of conversation was, “What was the secret of life”. A big question for sure, especially for a 10 to 12-year-old (I can’t recall my exact age). But I do recall as clear as day my answer. “Happiness”, I said. To which I was questioned, not health, not wealth etc.? “Nope if I have happiness, that is all I need”.

There is more to the story and this is a short version, but you get the idea. My hope and wish for everyone are to stop chasing everything, except for happiness. My mission for the rest of my life I presume will be for myself and others to solely focus on achieving their happiness. To simply start there and work backward and to not allow what society has pressured us to assume the answer is. To really continue to peel back the layers to dive deep into what it means.

The Rest Of Brad Way’s Story (short version)

To Be Continued…