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Story Of Why

Recording first-ever Story of Why with David Robinson, CEO Fractal Workspace, Brad Way Founder of BullDog Media and Kieran Doherty of United By Sound

All people are unique, so are the reasons why they do what they do. Story of Why was created for and with Fractal Workspace (by Bulldog Studios a small division of Brad Way Inc.) in an effort to showcase the unique talents and individuals that exist within the business world, focusing on what internally motivates them and what makes each of them want to get up in the morning and make an impact on the world.

Story of Why is still in the pre-launch phase and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.

Level Up Talks

Brad Way Shannon McCaffrey
Shannon McCaffrey & Brad Way

Level Up Talks was created with my co-host Shannon McCaffrey with the idea of having “real” conversations with the intent to help listeners “level” up as a result of hearing different perspectives, either ours or our guests. With the idea of “leveling up”, top of mind, we took steps to build upon my first podcasts, Steps 2 Success, with more social content to further the message, including video and much more. You can connect with us on our Facebook page to check it out if you like.

You can also check us out on YouTube.

Steps 2 Success

Steps 2 Success was my first podcast. The idea around this podcast came from my desire to share insights of the journey to “success”. I have only ever recorded a handful of these, but this is still a passion project of mine and still holds a special place in my heart because it started my very own journey in this space. To listen to these original recordings check them out here on spreaker.